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Our PMAs are integrated with RecoMed’s Online Medical Appointment Booking system, which allows for secure telehealth consultations with your patients from the safety of their own homes. Don’t limit your practice, enhance your patient consults and keep your practice income flowing.

  • Guaranteed information security and consultation privacy
  • Smooth workflow from diary to consultation, billing, and e-Scripting
  • Issue sick notes or referral letters
  • Issue electronic scripts to patients or directly to participating pharmacies
  • Cost savings for medical schemes and patients

Google Calendar / Google Meets option

If you choose the Google Calendar / Meets integration option you will be requested to provide consent that our Practice Management Solutions may access your Google calendar. The consent is granted through Google, we will just facilitate the process. If at any time you wish to revoke the consent you can log onto your Google account to do so. Our Practice Management Solutions need access to your Google calendar to create Google Meets conferences that can be used to facilitate remote engagement with your patients. We only create and delete the calendar events that you schedule from within your specific Practice Management Solution and we don’t access any other events in your calendar.