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According to guidelines issued by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) on 26 March 2020, telemedicine is officially allowed in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic. An important caveat is that telemedicine is only permissible where there is already an established patient-practice relationship; it can therefore not be used to treat new patients.

In anticipation of the local adoption of telemedicine, the necessary capabilities and requirements have already been built into all MedeMass’ secure practice management applications. Doctors and patients can now engage from the safety of their own homes, ensuring quality healthcare for patients and income security for doctors.

  • Protect vulnerable patients, especially those with comorbidities, from exposure to pathogens in consulting rooms
  • Smooth workflow from diary to consultation, billing, and e-Scripting
  • Use your preferred videoconferencing application
  • Consultation privacy is guaranteed
  • Information security and confidentiality guaranteed
  • Access full patient records via cloud-based platform
  • Update clinical records immediately
  • Issue sick notes or referral letters if needed
  • Issue electronic scripts to patients or directly to participating pharmacies
  • Use correct fee code for billing and medical aid submission
  • Cost savings for medical schemes and patients

Google Calendar / Google Meets option

If you choose the Google Calendar / Meets integration option you will be requested to provide consent that our Practice Management Solutions may access your Google calendar. The consent is granted through Google, we will just facilitate the process. If at any time you wish to revoke the consent you can log onto your Google account to do so. Our practice management solutions need access to your Google calendar to create Google Meets conferences that can be used to facilitate remote engagement with your patients. We only create and delete the calendar events that you schedule from within your specific practice management solutions and we don’t access any other events in your calendar.