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Elixir Live

Elixir Live

Elixir Live is a comprehensive, cloud-based practice management application that lets you manage your practice and patients anytime you need to with one secure, accessible solution.

Hosted in-the-cloud

Elixir Live is hosted in the cloud, which means you have 24-hour access to your safely stored data.

Secure access and storage of your data

Elixir Live is available 24/7 anywhere in South Africa where you have internet connectivity (access on a static international IP address can be arranged). Automatic backups are kept off-site so that your data is safer than it would be in your own practice or home. Security roles allows you to see who and when records were created or edited.

Secure telehealth functionality

Consult your patients from the convenience of their own homes with our RecoMed enabled telehealth function within Elixir Live. Secure, smart and efficient with no requirements for additional software for you or your patients. Saving patients time and money whilst improving your practice revenue.

Appointment diary

Manage your practice schedule quickly and easily from one central point. Our appointment diary not only enables you to create your own appointment categories but also lets you perform common tasks such as managing accounts, posting transactions, printing statements and capturing payments. You can also perform the Membership Status Validation (MSV) and Benefit Checker functions from the diary.

Credit Control

Efficient and effective workflow process to manage your credit control from one central function. The healthcare professional can at a glance view the last activity from a credit control perspective on an account. The follow-up manager enables you to view the following:

  • Account transactions
  • Account notes
  • Account details
  • Age analysis
  • Contact details
  • Assign credit control to a specific user
  • View the history of all communication for example SMS’s and emailed statements

Quote, bill and claim in one step

Elixir Live ensures that the billing side of their business runs smoothly by taking the headache out of administrative duties and seamlessly switch your claims to medical schemes in real-time.

Electronic remittance advice (eRAs)

eRAs from participating medical schemes are automatically uploaded to Elixir Live.

Payments can be auto-allocated against original claims; or manually allocated from exception reports.

Membership status validation (MSV)

The MSV function allows you to verify whether a patient is an active member of a medical aid.

Hosted in the Cloud

Elixir Live is hosted in the cloud, which means you have 24-hour access to your data.

Benefit checker

Benefit checker

Benefit checker allows you to check whether a patient has funds available for a procedure before treatment is rendered.

Business intelligence reporting and charts

Financial reports including age analysis, transactional detail and financial summaries are available to assist you in making informed business decisions regarding your practice.

Analytics offers you the ability to mine data using advanced analytics tools with support for multi-level grouping and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) analysis. Analytics can be exported to Excel.


Medical schemes details are automatically updated, no need to import any changes.
Updates to your software happen automatically and are downloaded and installed in seconds.

Tariff pricing

The automated tariff service gives you virtually immediate access to the latest medical scheme pricing as well as access to pricing linked to medical scheme contracts.

A mapping tool ensures you charge the right amount for the arrangements you have with medical schemes. You can also create your own pricing with billing rates.

Integrated SMS functionality

You can easily and economically communicate with your patients using customised bulk SMS’s whether you want to remind them of an appointment, their account balances or simply convey general information.


Reports can be e-mailed in PDF format and accounts can be sent via auditable emails.

Free e-Scripting

e-Prescribing saves time and significantly reduces interpretation errors at the pharmacy, thereby benefiting prescribers, dispensers and ultimately, the patient.

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