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Occupational Health

Simplify the way your organisation handles occupational health, primary healthcare and wellness requirements with our comprehensive, cost-effective and customisable solution.

Industry-specific requirements as well as the requirements set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act necessitates organisations to comply with a stringent set of rules where the health and safety of their workers are concerned. This can become a challenge when poor record-keeping and safety oversights creep in due to time constraints.

Altron HealthTech offers organisations a comprehensive software solution that supports Occupational Health, Primary Healthcare and Wellness. In integrating with the organisation’s Human Resources and timekeeping systems, our solution can handle the process from the moment the appointment is scheduled with the employee until the Certificate of Fitness is issued by the attending doctor and the employee returns to work. This ensures efficiency and improved productivity within the organisation whilst meeting compliance requirements.

The electronic health record (EHR) is at the centre of the solution. By integrating with HR and diagnostic systems, a single information source of information is established and used going forward. The solution makes provision for each employee’s Occupational Risk Exposure Profile requirements to be included. Based on the employee’s exposures, specific tests must be done at predetermined intervals. This process is automated and included in the workflow at the clinic.

Our solution allows organisations to include requirements that are unique to their industry and organisation. Additionally, the reporting capabilities of the system provide the organisation with extensive information that ensures that only employees with valid fitness certificates are allowed into the production area.

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Occupational Health

Our occupational health solution ensures that companies have the tools to improve productivity and employee wellbeing well into the future.

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