Elixir dental

Elixir Dental is a dental specific version of Elixir, which entered the market at the beginning of 2003 as the first comprehensive Clinical and Financial Management Application (CFMA) in South Africa.

Generic Features:

  • Elixir offers an extensive clinical record keeping functionality with which administrative patient files and clinical details can be maintained in one Clinical Information System.
  • The seamless combination of the Clinical Information System with a financial system allows for various formats of clinical data to be stored, including voice, DICOM and other image types.
  • Elixir is the ideal solution for the dental professional who requires flexible and remote access to clinical and administrative records, but also requires this information to be available without any compromise to its integrity or security. Elixir allows for the sharing of data within a closed network of users.

Dental Specific Features:

  • Extensive Dental Charting
    • Completed and planned treatments
    • Defined treatment on tooth level
    • Display of touch surfaces, all combinations available  
    • History of work done per tooth  
    • Flagging of tooth, categorised
  • Standardised medical authorisation templates
  • Fully integrated debit and credit card facilities at competitive rates
  • Integrated cash drawer with receipt printer
  • Automated Billing
  • Accredited incorporation of major imaging and x-ray interfaces
  • Emailing of all file types i.e. jpg, pdf, doc, etc.