Practice Management: Electronically-based healthcare sprints

01 October 2018

Electronically-based healthcare sprints
A new facility for Sports & Exercise Medicine based in Pretoria approached Med-e-Mass for a holistic practice management solution; for capturing clinical notes, managing medicine stock levels and customised billing. Accordingly, we built a customised ME+ and HealthOne solution on the Lenovo Mix tablet. This has created significant workflow efficiencies as our integration with Medscheme enables the patient’s clinical information to be shared through HealthOne, with no human intervention. The billing and stock management are also automatically updated in the background based on the tariff codes entered in the consultation. This solution empowers doctors in the practice to make informed treatment decisions based on previous clinical notes. And patients benefit as they get more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

"Our solution for this medical facility demonstrates our ability to customize solutions for customers and make an innovation that matters a reality" - Dilip Naran, Head of Solutions

Pre-consultation powered by electronic health records (EHRs)
The healthcare providers operating at the practice are nurses, general practitioners, radiologists and pathologists. The practice operates by appointment only. The patient’s EHR is attached to the patient’s online appointment, enabling the treating doctor to access the patient’s health history prior to consultation. The information includes the patient’s risk profile, for example, if they have a chronic condition, or if they have certain allergies and shows the medication they are taking. The sharing of this health information through the EHR is made possible after obtaining consent from the patient. Med-e-Mass is the first healthcare IT company in South Africa to implement a HL7 FHIR interface which allows for the sharing of clinical information with healthcare providers at the point of treatment. In addition to Medscheme, we can also share clinical information for Discovery Health members. The ability to view the patient’s record before consultation, helps the doctor to prepare setting the scene for a more focused and attentive consultation.

Consultation underpinned by technology
Digital elements have been brought into the consultation to make it easier for the doctor-patient interaction. Firstly, the Lenovo Mix tablet is mobile and portable, which removes the obstruction that a device may create. Secondly, this device comes with a digital pen (pen & Windows Ink) and dictation systems. The digital pen gives the doctor the ability to retain the pen in his hand as he was trained, but write onto a digital pad. This pad can basically decipher any hand writing and converts it into typed copy. It comes with built-in auto correction to minimise spelling mistakes. Alternatively, for doctors who do not fancy writing, they can choose dictation through the voice recognition software. This would need to be set up to recognise the doctor’s unique voice. Using the unobtrusive Lenovo Mix tablet, a doctor can use technology to seamlessly add new clinical notes to a patient’s health record.

Automated billing & stock control
As the doctor enters the tariff and ICD10 codes at consultation, the billing and medical stock levels are automatically updated in the background. The nurses will get the instruction to dispense medicines, while the system updates stock levels. On the billing side, the receptionists receive instructions on the system to send claims to the medical schemes.  Should there be a patient liable amount, that too can be settled by the patient before they leave the practice!