New Product Announcement - HEALTHone

We recently added HEALTHone, (Electronic Patient Record Software) to our wide range of Practice Management Solutions. HEALTHone is an electronic patient record system that allows you to store clinical data in a way that improves the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

What is Clinical Data?

Any data that is created in the clinical encounter is defined as Clinical Data. It comprises of the following:

  • Clinical Notes
  • Laboratory Results
  • Images
  • X Rays
  • Scans Photos
  • Clinical Codes

Most practices and institutions store Clinical Data in hand written paper based files. These files are stored in a filing cabinet where the files are stacked in alphabetical order. Most medical practitioners prefer to keep paper based files because that’s the way they were trained to keep records.

So how does one move from inefficient paper based systems to HEALTHone?
Let’s look the advantages of HEALTHone

Benefits of HEALTHone

Electronic records offer considerable potential benefits:

  • Clarity. Electronic records are precise and legible.
  • Transmission. Electronic records are simple to transmit, and provide inbuilt protection methods such as encryption.
  • Storage. Electronic records are compact and can be backed up readily to protect from damage from water fire, water, coffee etc.
  • Sorting. Electronic records can be sorted any number of ways.
  • Searching. Looking for information is facilitated by the use of structured coding schema and query languages.
  • Sharing. In integrated care, electronic records can facilitate data sharing across multiple agencies and even within teams.

The primary benefit of using an electronic patient record system is to ensure that clinical information is stored in a secure and confidential manner. In addition an electronic patient record allows for continuity of care when many clinicians are providing care to a single patient. HEALTHone has the following features:

  • Drug prescription
  • Automatic integration of laboratory results
  • Integration of texts and medical imaging;
  • Appointment Planning
  • Quick search and retrieval of healthcare records;
  • Analysis of one healthcare record or a set of records;
  • Writing and printing of documents, reports and certificates;
  • Displaying numeric data in a chart and/or graph,
  • Exporting and importing healthcare records.
  • Audit Trail manger Tool which offers enhanced security
  • Capture of data using predefined forms.
  • Sharing of demographic data from Elixir, Med-e-Mass + and Mastermed.

Security and Confidentiality

Clinical Data stored in HEALTHone, ensures the integrity of the data. This is done by making use of sophisticated encryption methods. In addition HEALTHone offers a Audit Trial functionality. This ensures that any changes made to the EPR can be traced backed to the author of the changes.


HEALTHone is customisable to reflect the unique needs of the medical discipline as well as the practice .

Integration with billing systems

HEALTHone shares information with all the Med-e-Mass products. This ensures that patients are only registered once in the PMA and prevents unnecessary duplication of data and data entry.

Buying HEALTHone for your practice Make contact with your regional sales office or dealer. The sales consultant will provide you with a demonstration of HEALTHone. The needs of your practice are assessed and a customised solution is provided. This includes:

  • Unique form development which allows information from a consultation to be added to the patient record efficiently
  • Practice specific reports, certificates and prescriptions
  • Assessment of hardware requirements
  • Training plans

We look forward to providing you with more information on HEALTHone.
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Monday, October 3, 2011