Get to know more about our National Call Centre.

We value your loyalty and support and would like to thank you for your loyalty by providing you with quick and efficient service. I have put together some interesting facts about the call centre.

Did You Know? The Med-e-Mass National Call Centre takes an average of 9000 calls per month

The calls received range from general how to type of queries to high-level technical queries. The call centre agents troubleshoot each query and of these calls at least 80% are resolved at first interaction through either telephonic or remote assistance.

In the event the issue cannot be resolved telephonically or further investigation is required, a call is escalated to one of the highly skilled individuals at one of Med-e-Mass regional offices.

The call centre uses a newly implemented client record management system to log every interaction with a client.

This tool allows instant access to customer history and makes for easy tracking of cases and to identify call trends. Always request a case number to make reference to an existing case.

There are 12 highly skilled agents at the Med-e-Mass Call Centre

Each agent is able to provide support on at least 4 of our 9 products. The accumulated industry experience is in excess of 35 years and our most experienced agent has been with Med-e-Mass for 15 years.

Each consultant undergoes ongoing product and industry training.

All call center agents have a broad knowledge on EDI vendors and other 3rd party products. This together with their educational qualifications ranging from IT Certifications to National Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degrees in IT and software development, aids them in understand various software and hardware functions to assist you better.

Support is available after hours.

We have support staff on standby, from 17:00 – 21:00 every week day and 09:00 – 13:00 on Saturdays, ready to take your call. Call us on 072 384 9981.

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Shanita Jagganath
National Call Centre Manager

Monday, October 3, 2011