Do you have the latest version of ME+ installed at your practice?

One of the biggest factors of running an efficient practice is ensuring that all your software and practice management systems are up to date.

With our online product updates you can now do it yourself in two steps:

  • Check your toolkit for the latest update
  • Click on install

Remember to always back up your data before you run an update. Valuable data may be lost if you don’t!

Once your system is running on the latest version you can download or print the release notes for new features or changes in the system.

If you are having trouble with this please do not hesitate to contact our National Support Centre – 0860 98 00 98.

To contact our MASTERMED support or sales team please phone the National Support Centre. The Mastermed sales and support has been integrated into the standard Med-e-Mass product line-up, and where needed, all regional offices together with the standard reseller base can also assist where needed.

Friday, May 3, 2013