• Med-e-Mass+, also known as ME+, can be scaled to accommodate single or multiple practitioners, multiple speciality group practices, as well as multiple sites or surgeries
  • It offers user-restricted access to different parts of the program
  • ME+ has unrivaled speed and accuracy



ME+ is one of the only systems that can operate on multiple screens, condct EDI and carry on posting with no down time. Moving between different pages is made simple with the minimising function that allows you to navigate between different tasks at the same time.


  • Local and wide area connectivity
  • Global, multi user access via ME+ terminal client
  • Supports full and fast remote access via all fixed line and wireless Internet connections
Financial Capabilities

ME+ caters for all industry requirements including complex pricing structures. It boasts fully integrated debtors, creditors and stock control modules. Some key features include:

  • Automatic tariff pricing updates per scheme option and contract, for all disciplines
  • Automatic modifier, assistant fee, interest, anesthetist fees and member levy calculations
  • Dispensing and scripting module with generic, MMAP and MPL equivalents and formulary pricing
  • Credit card payments integration (Altech Card Solutions)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice processing.
  • Built in email client
  • Macros, linked codes, as well as bulk charges and payments
  • Quotations which can be posted against accounts
  • Automatic Payment Plan calculations
  • Feature rich appointment diary
  • ICD10 and CPT4 coding and lookup


  • ME+ boasts an accurate and comprehensive range of highly customisable reports, listings and balancing mechanisms that covers all areas of practice management
  • Flexible Mail Merge Letter functionality

The admissions and discharge form allows you to manage all day-to-day procedures from one central point.

ME+ clinic supports:

  • Emergency admissions and full account management
  • Billing of theatre, ward, pharmacy and take out invoices, accommodation and gasses
  • Stock control
  • Electronic hospital claims submissions

ME+ now also features:

  • Email integration with MS Outlook and other email clients
  • Printing to CSV file, and exports to Excel
  • Printing of reports and statements to PDF and email
  • Bulk email statements runs
  • Bulk and single mail merge SMS support
  • Telephonic support via our National Support Centre
  • Convenient online and onsite support available
  • Regional sales, support and training in the major centres
  • National dealer network covering South Africa and most neighbouring countries


The unique networking capabilities of ME+ allow for fast and efficient use across either Local Area Networks (LAN) or Wide Area Networks (WAN) without the need of additional networking software or database engines.

By making use of a Terminal Client, the program can be accessed from anywhere in the world via either a dial-up connection or Internet access at the cost of a local phone call. Users can access their data at the office, print reports, capture transactions and even run month end procedures remotely,

ME+ runs on multiple operating systems connected to a single LAN (Local area network) or WAN(Wide area network). Because ME+ can run a multi-tier network, the user has the option of using Windows or MS-DOS terminals (Character terminals) to connect to the same database on the same network.

The Clinic module in ME+ allows the user to handle patient admissions and discharges with ease and produce invoices on theatre and ward stock. As with the appointment diary, the Patient Admission screen can be used as the focal point of the program to ensure maximum efficiency.

Accounting, reception or clinical staff are able to track all tasks related to their responsibilities by making use of the range of user-defined parameters that can be implemented in the Patient Admission screen. From a single point of access the user is able to monitor all patients currently admitted, access clinical and demographic information per patient and financial information at an account holder level.

Me+ is optimised to cater for industry changes with little or no development required resulting in fewer program releases.

ME+ offers application customisation options for any medical discipline or user preference. These options range from statement and reporting preferences to account numbering styles. The speciality specific options allows the user to enable features that will otherwise be hidden, for example: a Dental practitioner or Dispensing practice.

The Appointment Diary, Patient file or Account file can be used as the focal point of the program and all transactions can be posted from there. This feature optimises efficiency of reception personnel, accounting staff, and doctors using the program.

All lookup screens feature a dynamic lookup function which instantly guide the user to the closest match while typing regardless of the volume of data to look through.

Code Categories and Cost Centers can be used to group together sets of procedural codes for reporting purposes. This allows the user to accurately transfer totals to Ledgers or help with budgeting.

ME+ can be scaled to full, light and mini packages to cater for individual practice needs. ME+ has very low bandwidth requirements and can be used in all network connectivity environments. This enables ME+ to offer unsurpassed speed and connectivity, even if low specification hardware is used.

Incorporating true multi-tasking functionality, ME+ can execute requested procedures such as statement and print runs, while the user carries on with normal day to day activities in the program.

The ME+ program has proven its stability in the market. Most of its components are kept separate from those of the operating system, which makes it largely independent from the operating system. If Windows is upgraded or reloaded, the impact on ME+ is minimal. If data is backed up to a re-writeable C, the program can be initialised and run directly from the CD.

As the The bulk of ME+’s features were derived from it’s fore-runner Med2000 the product is ensured of an extended lifespan within the private healthcare industry as ME+ provides a solid upgrade path to Med2000 users.