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With more people unable to afford Medical Aid, MediWallet provides your patients with an easy method to finance their purchase in your practice.
We take your bad debt
We settle you weekly
Higher invoice value
No integration cost
15 minute application process
For more information: 
086 / 007709 
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LogBox is integrated with Elixir!
You don't have to worry about retyping patient information into your billing system. LogBox is integrated with Elixir so accurate information will flow from LogBox to invoicing in one easy click. It's that simple.
LogBox is an easy to use mobile and web application, which allows your patients to capture their personal information once and share it electronically with your practice.
Key features:
Send appointment details via SMS or Email
Patients connect to your practice via the website or mobile app
Don't struggle to read bad handwriting, let the patient fill in their information for you
Practice-specific Terms and Conditions are sent to patients electronically
Create your own customised questionnaires using the LogBox form creator
Reduce bad debt with accurate patient information
Receive live updates if patient details change
POPI compliant
Contact LogBox at and a consultant will be in touch.

RecoMed and Med-e-Mass have partnered to bring modern technology solutions to the healthcare experience. Both companies share a similar commitment to helping practices run more efficiently and profitably - while staying focused on patient care. 

RecoMed is the fastest growing technology driven online healthcare booking platform in South Africa. Patients or patient health coordinators can easily book appointments with a diverse selection of healthcare practitioners in their area quickly and privately from their phone, tablet or PC.
The benefits of RecoMed include:
Increased revenue opportunity
Practitioners are receiving over 10 000 confirmed online bookings per month and this number continues to escalate.
Real-time appointment availability
50% of appointments made online occur between 17:00 and 09:00 the next day.
Patient appointment notifications
Our software sends an automated sms and email to patients to remind them of their appointments.
Time saving for Practise and Patient
A booking by phone takes 8 minutes. With RecoMed it takes 30 seconds.
Integration with Me+ and Elixir Live (coming soon)
Our calendar syncs directly with your Me+ practice diary, reducing admin and streamlining patient management. The Elixir integration is scheduled for release early 2017.
Click here if you are interested to learn more and sign up to receive further information.
“RecoMed, the online booking platform helping healthcare 
practitioners run their practices more efficiently.”