HEALTHone can transform the way you practice medicine by offering you all the functions required for optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment:

Lightning fast and efficient capturing, storage and retrieval of patient information.
An optimized and interactive system that cuts out all the paperwork

Pioneering data architecture and a data engine based on international research and standards.

HEALTHone is an interactive user-friendly patient record system that offers you all of this and more!



HEALTHone offers the user all the functions required for the optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment, including the ability to create, store, retrieve and share patient records.

Relevant healthcare data can be added, edited, and exploited to support optimal patient care. It is a mature, comprehensive, powerful, flexible and portable, standards based electronic health record system and is currently in use in Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA.


Some of its unique and pioneering features and benefits include:

  • Access to a comprehensive drug database
    HEALTHone provides an extensive drug database with associated information such as dosages and ICD10 codes.
  • Access to treatment protocols
    HEALTHone data includes convenient and accessible medical treatment procedures to assist medical practices.
  • Analysis of clinical data
    HEALTHone's range of tools allows for the analysis of information e.g. blood pressure values can be viewed in tabular form or graphically. The same can be done for population records e.g. generating a list of all patients with hypertension.
  • Generation of drug prescriptions
    HEALTHone generates electronic scripts direct to any pharmacy.
  • Generation of documents, reports, referrals and certificates
    HEALTHone’s predefined templates are customised to reflect a specific practice. Documentation generation includes sick certificates, referral letters, and other pertinent documents.
  • Integration of laboratory and radiology data
    HEALTHone integrates laboratory results and other data such as audiograms automatically with a patient's record.
  • Integration of text and medical images
    HEALTHone stores medical images such as scans or x-rays within a patient's record.
  • Management of outpatient and inpatient records
    HEALTHone facilitates the management of a specific patient’s record whether hospitalised or visiting a medical practice.
  • Quick search and retrieval of healthcare records
    HEALTHone's search application ensures patient records are easily retrieved by using a variety of parameters from identity numbers, first and last names or date of birth.
  • Scheduling appointments
    HEALTHone facilitates the scheduling of appointments and consists of the booking and management of doctor/patient appointments.

HEALTHone has been integrated into all the Med-e-Mass Practice Management Applications to ensure easy adoption of electronic patient records. Providing customers with clinical detail that is flexible, portable, confidential and secure, HEALTHone has been implemented in the following medical specialities:

  • Anti-Retroviral Treatment
  • Specialist physicians – internal medicine
  • Anaesthetics
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Dermatology
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Emergency care
  • Occupational Health and Injuries on Duty
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Paediatrics
  • General surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • General practice/family medicine
  • Sports medicine


There are three application packages available for different healthcare sectors:

  • HEALTHone for Individual Practice
    HEALTHone for an individual practice is installed on a stand-alone personal computer (PC) or on a local PC network. It offers all HEALTHone functions and can directly access a large number of healthcare records since the capacity of the hard disk is the only limitation. Installed on a desktop computer, it can support practice environments. Installed on a portable PC, it can support hospital/home visits.
  • HEALTHone for Clinical Department
    HEALTHone for a clinical department supports teamwork such as group practices and hospital departments. It is installed on a PC network and can directly access a large number of healthcare records, limited only by the capacity of the network server. It offers all HEALTHone functions and allows the customisation of several working configurations matching the various functions of the team, e.g. secretarial, nursing ward, outpatient and inpatient facilities. <
  • HEALTHone for Organisation
    HEALTHone for an organisation supports the use of HEALTHone in situations where more than one clinical department is part of a single organisation. This can, for instance, be corporate users in mining or manufacturing environments, hospitals or healthcare networks. This specific application supports a range of medical services including primary healthcare, occupational health (medical surveillance), trauma, inpatient records and HIV services such as VCT (voluntary counselling testing) , and Anti-Retroviral Treatment. Common patient records can be accessed from different sites through a server. This offers all HEALTHone functions on workstations and allows the customisation of several working configurations matching the various functions of the team, e.g. secretarial, nursing ward, outpatient and inpatient facilities. The server is adaptable in terms of security accessibility and capacity.

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