Frequently Asked Questions

How does Med2000 handle the Discovery Health unique tariff rates?
Please take note:

  • Med2000 only caters for a unique Rand Conversion Factor (RCF) or unit rate.
  • These steps MUST be repeated for every medical aid that has a unique tariff rate.
  • These steps could also be repeated for multiple charge rates per medical aid i.e. ANAESTHETICS.
    • From the Main menu select the Codes Maintenance option, select the Treatment Codes and Drugs option and then select the Global Tariff Adjustments option.
    • With the Rates Table screen displayed, search for the charge rate to specify a unique tariff for. Make a note of the number displayed in the RT column.
    • Press F4 to add a new tariff rate.
    • Select the medical aid for which to setup this unique tariff in the Medical Aid field.
    • Type the number in step 2 into the Rate No field.
    • Type the appropriate unit price for each of the four (4) charge rates (Private, Med.Aid., Other and Special). Also specify the rounding off rule.
    • Enter through all the fields to save the new information.