Patient Encounter

  • Med-e-Mass considers the patient-service provider encounter as the most crucial element in the health care cycle. The patient encounter is considered the focal point around which all other activities, i.e. billing and claiming for services rendered, revolve.The Patient Encounter is recorded in the Med-e-Mass Practice Management Software in the following order:

    Patient Information:

    • Patient details
      • For example: Name, First name, Surname, Date of birth, Identity number, Gender, Marital status.
    • Patient demographics details
      • For example: Physical address, Postal address, Employer details, Contact details, E-mail address.
    • Account Holder Information:
      • Account Holder Details For example: Name, First name, Surname, Identity number.
    • Account Holder Demographic Details
      • For example: Physical address, Postal address, Employer details, Contact details, E-mail address. 
    • Medical fund details:
      • For example: Medical fund name, Postal address, Contact numbers, Medical fund membership number.
    • Appointment Diary
    • Admission and Discharge Information

Claim Information

  • Through Med-e-Mass' interaction with its clients, healthcare insurers, medical funders and administrators, systems and applications are continuously refined to ensure that claims processing is seamless. Med-e-Mass' products interface with the market's leading switching and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, thus offering a comprehensive solution for the automation of claim activities, as well as for paper-based solutions.

    Claims are handled in Med-e-Mass Practice Management Software as:

    • Standard and Customised Invoices and Statements
    • Printed Statements Batches 
    • E-mailed Single Statements
    • Tax Invoices
    • Direct Claim Submissions using:
    • DHSwitch (MediSwitch and QEDI)
    • HealthBridge
    • MediKredit
    • Mediscor

Financial Information

  • As a service provider you need to charge for services rendered to patients. Different features within each of our Practice Management Software products caters for the unique ways in which service providers run their businesses, from the small one-man practice to big multi-disciplinary practices or Clinics.

    Financial Information is recorded in Med-e-Mass Practice Management Software as follows:

    • Billing Entity’s Information (account holder)
    • Service Provider Information
    • Physical location where services are rendered i.e. surgeries.
    • Colleagues’ Information i.e. Assistants, Anaesthetists
    • Dental Laboratories’ Information
    • Payment Plans
    • Orthodontic Treatment Plans
    • Automated Transaction Posting
    • Capturing / Posting of services rendered i.e. procedure codes, diagnostic codes, modifiers
    • Capturing / Posting of payments received i.e. patient payments and medical fund payments
    • Estimates and Quotes
    • Colour coded Account and Medical Fund Grouping
    • Credit Control Information
    • Full Creditors System
    • Interfaces seamlessly with TurboCash
    • Comprehensive Reporting Facilities

Stock Management

  • The Med-e-Mass product suite successfully caters for the dispensing and stock control needs of any service provider.

    Stock Information is controlled by Med-e-Mass Practice Management Software through:

    • Comprehensive Stock Control Mechanisms
    • Stock Maintenance Functionality through:
    • Recording and Tracking the Placement of Stock Orders
    • Receiving of Goods
    • Dispensing
    • Prescribing
    • Automated Medprax Price Update Imports
    • Industry Regulated Pricing Structures:
    • Single Exit Price (SEP)
    • Formulary Pricing Structures
    • Generic and Therapeutic
    • Clinic Stock Management catering for:
    • Billing of Theatre
    • Billing of Ward
    • Billing for Pharmacy
    • Single or Multiple Stock Locations or Dispensaries