A seamless combination of extensive clinical and financial record keeping functionality enables you to store and manage your patients’ records on one Clinical Information System.

The seamless combination of the Clinical Information System with a financial system allows for various formats of clinical data to be stored, including voice, DICOM and other image types.

Elixir is the ideal solution for the medical professional who requires flexible and remote access to clinical and administrative records, but also requires this information to be available without any compromise to its integrity or security. Elixir allows for the sharing of data within a closed network of users.


  • Manage your practice administration
  • Manage you patient accounts
  • Keep current and historic clinical records electronically


Diary-Centered Interface for Maximum Productivity

  • Perform common tasks such as managing accounts, posting transactions, printing statements and capturing payments from a central diary
  • Quickly identify the status of any appointment through a colour coded key (e.g. arrived or cancelled)
  • Display multiple resources and dates simultaneously for a complete overview

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Access a multitude of financial and statistical reports
  • Keep tight control of the practice’s finances through daily reporting processes

Meaningful Patient Interaction

  • Communicate with patients using customized bulk SMS’es including appointment reminders, account balances and general information
  • Send accounts via auditable emails
  • Record useful notes on each patient

Up-To-Date Tariff Pricing

  • Have virtually immediate access to the latest medical scheme pricing via the Med-e-Mass automated tariff service
  • Have access to pricing linked to medical scheme contracts

Extended Membership Validation (MSV) via SwitchOn

  • Retrieve and/or update medical scheme membership details for main member and dependents when adding or updating patient accounts (medical scheme dependent)

Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA)

  • Process payments quickly and efficiently by using an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) service (subject to separate contract with compatible switching vendor)

Extensive Stock Management System

  • Manage multiple stock bins
  • Order, receive and supply stock items
  • Keep stock item pricing up to date via MedPrax (subject to separate contract)
  • Automated version updates automatically ensures that your software is up-to-date

Additional Integrated Features*

  • Card payment facility in conjunction with Nedbank and Edcon
  • Electronic claiming through Mediswitch, Healthbridge and Medikredit
  • Dental imaging with Schick, Gendex and Trophy* subject to separate subscriptions

Clinical Information

  • Create clinical documents in MS Word or MS Excel
  • Generate medical certificates (either based on template or customised)
  • Generate referral letters (either based on template or customised)
  • Add various file types (e.g. PDF, jpg, doc, etc.)
  • Dental charting with planned vs. action modes
  • Store DICOM images with annotations and image manipulation


  • Seamlessly export patient information to the comprehensive electronic health record system, HEALTHone


Elixir has been built from the ground up using the most stable and reliable technology available. Elixir is developed with Delphi, a Borland Pascal compiler for the Windows environment.

The Firebird SQL database server is used for data management. There are many millions of users and installations of Firebird worldwide which goes a long way to prove it’s reliability and stability. Firebird is an open source product which means that it is free and has no licensing costs and is suitable for deployment in small, medium and large enterprises.

The reliability and stability of the database is the most important aspect when purchasing software. Data corruptions are the majority of call outs to service providers’ practices. A stable data base gives the user better integrity of their data.

Elixir’s support architecture allows for remote management of a client’s desktop.

Security is a very vital aspect when considering Elixir. The built in database access security ensures that even if practice data is stolen, it can’t be used on another machine. Customizable user rights gives the practice the ultimate control over who can change which data in the practice, for example, the receptionist might be able to add and alter accounts whilst being unable to view your financial information.

With the financial audit trail, every item is entered into a double entry system. Elixir also records every change to the database so the administrator knows exactly who created debit and credit entries.

A core feature of Elixir is its comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with customisable clinical protocols that offers the professional complete medical and clinical patient history in an electronic format.

With the EMR, the service provider is able to perform various functions such as allergy tracking, patient monitoring, encounter or episode management and CPD accreditation to mention but a few.

Templates are customisable documents that can be used to “fill in the blanks”. These are ideal for creating medical reports, sick notes and referrals with minimum ease. Elixir also offers mail merge fields which means the user can populate certain information within a template directly from the database for example a patient’s name and surname.

Imaging is a powerful feature, allowing the storage of digital images from a variety of sources including digital cameras, all graphics file formats and DICOM images.

Standard dental and periodontal charts are specifically designed for dental practitioners and allows the user to accurately record all relevant information.

Protocols allows for the creation of groups of clinical components for effective and easy recording of information which can all be added in a single click.

Working with EMR is easy. The interface allows the user to work directly from the diary, making it quick and simple to work with patients without having to worry about everyday accounting information such as account numbers and financial information. However, viewing financial information from the EMR interface is just a click away.

In essence, the EMR allows the maintenance of a comprehensive, secure and auditable electronic record for every patient with a reporting and data management capability that exceeds anything available in the market today.

Elixir offers a modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is rich in functionality. Because Elixir embraces Windows standards it can be used in exactly the same way as any other Windows-based program like MS Word. Windows-standard keyboard shortcuts where the ALT key is used to access menu items and selecting options within dialog boxes and open windows is standard functionality in Elixir. The TAB key will move from one editing field to another when a dialog box is displayed. Right-clicking with the mouse on most data grids will access a sub-menu from where cosmetic changes to the active data table can be made for example moving columns and renaming column headings.

All basic actions like Insert, Edit and Delete are accessed from the navigator bar that is situated on the far right side of all windows. Standard program functions ensures that Elixir is considered very user-friendly.

Elixir utilises remote data access thus enabling the service provider to work at numerous locations, with one central management application.

Using it’s own NUSQL protocol, users can work offline and synchronise data at a later stage. This functionality is ideal for service providers on the move or with multiple practices who want to keep all their data in one place without expensive equipment to maintain permanent connectivity.

As an example, an existing Elixir client has a centralised server at their head office and 10 remote practices. Of the 10 remote practices, some are single user PCs and others are LANs of 2-3 machines. Data is synchronised daily and statements and credit control managed from a central point. This topology has several advantages, including a greater degree of control and lower administrative costs. This is an ideal solution for bureaus and IPAs collecting data centrally and managing it from a single point whilst still maintaining the capturing process at remote locations.

Elixir provides a software solution that embraces tomorrow’s technology for today’s medical practice. Some of Elixir’s leading edge features include:

  • SMS functionality that could be used for appointment confirmation or credit control purposes.
  • E-Mail of individual patient statements thus saving paper and ensuring delivery.
  • Faxing of patient statements from within the program.