• Improve patient compliance and quality of care
  • Save time and money

Health-Soft e-Scripting offers a host of benefits, the most important being improved quality of patient care. Not only does e-prescribing save the physician time but it also significantly reduces interpretation errors at the pharmacy, thereby benefitting prescribers, dispensers and ultimately the patient.

Be NHI Ready!

Converting to e-prescribing further readies the physician for future developments in the healthcare industry, including the introduction of the National Health Insurance (NHI).

PMA Integration

Health-Soft’s e-Scripting is integrated with all leading PMA systems to increase practice efficiency as all data is available on one client record, thereby integrating administrative and patient information for easy evaluation. Health-Soft e-Scripting generates prescriptions electronically and ensures that they are available electronically at the patient’s pharmacy of choice. This is made possible by ScriptCloud™, from which participating pharmacies can retrieve the prescription electronically.


  • Integration with PMA ensures a smooth flow from billing to e-Scripting
  • Improved patient safety and compliance
  • Adverse drug events are significantly reduced
  • Inclusion in e-scripting doctor-pharmacy network
  • Time savings as all scripts are completed in seconds
  • Create new scripts instantly from saved favourite scripts
  • Chronic scripting is fast and simple
  • Ability to build your own list of preferred medicines, frequently used scripts and ICD-10 codes
  • All scripts and documents are saved to the patient’s history
  • Sick notes and referrals are created in seconds
  • Complete WCA, RAF and other official documents in seconds
  • Clinical support at your fingertips with images, conditions and drug information


  • Computer generated prescriptions, sick notes and forms
  • Integrated with all leading PMAs
  • Prescriptions are electronically delivered to pharmacies
  • Electronic signature
  • Automatic updates
  • Favourite scripts, medicines and ICD-10 codes
  • Chronic script management
  • Full script and document history
  • Script alerts and notes
  • Mixtures
  • Quick selection of drugs
  • Generic alternative lookup
  • SEP price indicator
  • ICD-10 search engine
  • Standard EMR document forms, including referrals
  • Clinical support tools
  • Personalised scripts

Installation Options

  • Self-install from disk or Internet
  • Remote installation
  • PMA/agent installation

Access to this world-class application is ensured for all physicians by a 100% subsidised license fee.

Health-Soft’s installation and support fees are free of charge.